About Al

Al first fell in love with the Accordion as a young boy while watching a sightless male playing Accordion outside of a Troy, New York 5 and 10 cent store. Back in the day, he would quietly stand outside the store listening and watching whenever his mother went to the city of Troy to shop inside the store.

A toy Accordion that his parents bought him out lived the normal novelty stage that was expected, as he continued to play it night and day. It was finally replaced when a knock at the door turned out to be from an Accordion teacher. He was about to provide Accordion lessons at the local firehouse in the basement recreation room.

This was a start of Al's formal lessons which were followed by a second teacher who provided 31/2 years of learning songs but, minus music theory or agility training. Al's parents then transferred to a third teacher who had been listed in the book, "The best Accordionist in the World".
Years of training prepared Al for playing and his later role as teacher.

Al has loved playing his Accordion for a 50 plus year period and in many venues such as "The Jerry Lewis Cerebral Palsy Telethon". He had his own band known as "The Blue Royals" that had entertained many a listener and dancer a like.

In addition to his present day providing lessons on Accordion, he has enjoyed entertaining at local Senior Citizen facilities.

His love for playing the Accordion is only over shadowed by his love of teaching Accordion, as he enjoys watching his student' progress. They too, can't help but quickly develop the same love and admiration learning how "cool" Accordion really is.

Why not because the Accordion is portable, has the capability of being played as back-up or melody lead, with or without an amplifier. Melody can be played with either treble side, bass side or with both hands at once.
Accordion lovers enjoy the versatility in every genre' of music including:
Classical, Rock-n Roll, Country, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and many other styles of music all the way to the Polka that Accordions have become very popular for.

Al has often said, "The next time you hear the most beautiful distinctive sound in your personal style of music, it just might be the Accordion.  
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More about Al and his passion to bring back the popularity of Accordions to Central Virginia.

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