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Through a recent accordion repair job referral, I had the good fortune to meet Al Mermelstein: super salesman, accordion performer, entertainer, teacher and repairman from the Richmond area. He quickly aligned with our Renaissance purpose and contributed to our business plan development meeting on 15 December. Through his leadership we now have the Richmond Virginia Accordion Club, RVAC, with over a dozen members as evidenced by their group picture. They are off to a great start already having had their founders meeting. Following their March membership meeting, they will meet quarterly and will welcome all other club members to attend.
Congratulations to RVAC and its president, Al Mermelstein:
The Richmond Rocket has launched!!!

Jim Rice, Accordion Renaissance, Williamsburg, Virginia

My name is Wes, I am 66 years old and last year I inherited a vintage120 bass accordian from my uncle. At first I had little interest in the accordian except for the visual beauty of the instrument. I had no musical training or experience playing any type of instrument. In fact, I did not even know how to read music.
However, after a few weeks I thought it might be nice to at least have a basic understanding of the accordian. Fortunately, I was reading the local paper and noticed an ad for an accordian teacher (Al Mermelstein) that was close to my home. I thought this was a bit uncanny since accordian music is not that popular in Richmond, Virginia.
I called Al...and, to make a long story short, I have been playing for approximately 4 and 1/2 months and absolutely love it!! I have mastered in the vicinity of over 15 songs, can read music and just recently graduated from simple melodies to more advanced marches and polkas!!
It is truly amazing to me what a great teacher Al is..and how much he has enhanced my appreciation for this wonderful instrument! If you are remotely interested in learning the accordian..please give Al Mermelstein a call I promise you will never regret it!

Wes, Richmond VA

Accordion teachers in Richmond are few and far between. After having been without regular lessons for more than a year, I was thrilled to find Al.
I signed on with him based on his availability alone.
I stayed because he is a first-rate teacher.
He is patient and supportive and can play the hell out of the squeezebox.
Best of all-I have improved under his watch.

Karen Sokohl, Richmond, VA

Al is a great Accordion player and very easy to learn from.
He is joyful to be with.
Al is always very flexible and the cost of the his lessons and rentals are at a super decent price.
I would certainly recommend him to anybody.

Gerry Simard, Accordion Student, Midlothian, VA

Al Mermelstein is a very patient and fun teacher.
He understands the needs of the adult learner and is able to break things down in an easy way even if you have little or no musical background.
He truly loves the accordion and his excitement and enthusiasm are truly encouraging.
He makes learning to play easy and fun.

Veronica Braun, Colonial Heights, Va.

Learning to play the accordion with Al is a joy. I took music lessons as a kid but never enjoyed or learned as much as I am now as an adult with Al. Thank you for the gift of music and the thrill of learning a new instrument.
Thomas S. Gayner, Richmond, VA

Al Mermelstein is a wonderful accordion teacher and a wonderful person. He teaches my 9 year old son and is able to keep him engaged, having fun, and feeling progress each and every week from start to finish. His deep understanding and joy for music, playing, and teaching are clear and become contagious.
We couldn't ask for anything more.

Lee Thompkins, Powhatan, Virginia

I have fulfilled a lifelong dream of playing the accordion by taking lessons from Al.
His knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm, and patients is beyond measure!  His lessons are very reasonable in price and he goes beyond them to find you anything you may need, from music stands, cases, to music for specials songs, etc.
He is not just a teacher, he is a friend.

Ann S. Russell, Chesterfield, VA
For Lessons
Call Accordion Al
(804) 647-5338

Join the
Richmond Virginia Accordionist Club (RVAC) at our MeetUp.com website.
Accordionist and lovers of Accordion music are invited to join.
RVAC President: Al Mermelstein

More about Al and his passion to bring back the popularity of Accordions to Central Virginia.

See Video Here.